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        December 8, 2018

        Open Letter to My Ex

        When I taught creative writing, I used a textbook called In the Palm of Your Hand by Stanley Kunitz. In it, there is an example of a "bad" poem-- it's an example of all the things folks do when they w...
        November 19, 2018

        Open Letter to My Fairy GodFucker (Part II)

        Dear Fairy GodFucker, My friend Molly is the one  who coined the term for what you did for me, and you already know it's "Fairy GodFucker." I know you know the story of Cinderella, but there are...
        November 17, 2018

        An Open Letter to My Fairy GodFucker (Part I)

        Dear Fairy GodFucker, I want to begin with praise. Thanks. Gratitude. Yes, praise you is exactly right the right term for the last two nights-- for the enormous gift you gave me of absolutely am...